kids bamboo toothbrushes bio

Bristle especially designed with your children's delicate mouth

There are 2176 Filaments in each toothbrush vs. 1144 -1584filaments in other bamboo toothbrushes for children. Making the cleaning surface denser and more gentle at the same time

Each individual filament diameter is much thinner than regular bamboo toothbrushes for children. 0.14mm vs 0.18mm. That makes is much softer for children delicate mouth while simultaneously improves cleaning effect.

In addition each filament is sharpen at the end making it even more gentle for gums but also more precise in removing plaque

No toxic paint on the handle!

There are 4 different colors of the bristle: yellow, Blue, pink and white representing four different animals which are engraved on the handle

We designed the handle with care and removed all toxic paint from it.

There is no risk that you kid will bite it off and swallow it

The handle is double polished and smooth for your children hands

Bristle with Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Each filament is enhanced with activated bamboo charcoal

Carbon absorbs and neutralize bacteria on the tooth and your children gums

The bristle is FREE from BPA (Bisphenol A) and BPS (bisphenol-S) - don't worry your children are safe!

Reduce your environmental impact!

This product is suitable for Vegas

It was not tested on animals!

Handle are 100% biodegradable

Made of sustainable and fast growing bamboo grass

Safe to environment ( if properly used and disposed)

The bristle has been re-designed for better cleaning effect. It is denser than regular children’s bamboo toothbrushes. It has more filaments and tips of each filament are tapered/sharpen. Most of the filaments contain activated bamboo charcoal (3%).

Ocean Safe Line bamboo toothbrushes by Keppvim are the ecological way to not only keep your mouth fresh for just as long as a normal toothbrush, but help the environment at the same time. Bamboo Wood is 100% degradable and sustainable.

Bamboo charcoal infused bristle with no BPA and no BPS tested in laboratory; our organic toothbrushes provide same fee ling as regular toothbrush does, but without using chemical and toxin leaching plastics; the bristles are soft to medium thickness with soft-sharpened tips and 30% denser than other bamboo toothbrushes giving it better cleaning properties.

Use it as a personal toothbrush, guest bathroom toothbrush, travel toothbrush & camping toothbrush. Remember to remove nylon bristle and hand it over to your nearest recycling centre.

100 percent recyclable bamboo wood whether it be used for compost or the recycling bin, keep mother nature intact, and switch over to the better brush all of our packing and materials can return to the environment safely

Our bamboo toothbrushes features professional 10 degree angle design for a tooth-by-tooth clean; reaches deep between teeth to lift and shove away 25 percent more plaque vs; regular bamboo toothbrushes. The Bristle are soft (tapered tips) but also very dense giving it 30% more filaments than other bamboo toothbrushes.


children toothbrushes vegan


 Ultra soft charcoal bristle, plastic free biodegradable wooden handle and packaging, vegan and eco, BPA and BPS free, dense and fine bristle with pointed tips

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